Special Guests Coming Up Next Week

We have a number of special guests across next week’s program – check out the full listing below:

Judge Vincent Bobot – Monday

The first Milwaukee Mayoral Candidate to reach out to the Hmong Community for support.

Judge Vincent Bobot wanted to reach out to the Hmong community for support of his mayoral campaign and as a result used Hmong ABC Radio as one vehicle to help him accomplish this.  Judge Bobot came on the show and talked to the community about who he was, what he stood for and what he wanted from the Hmong community.  He answered all questions from individuals in the community and opened up himself as a contact person should anyone need his assistance in the future.

Peter Blewett, MPS School Board – Tuesday

Informing parents of the duties of their school board and how it affects students and parents.

Mr. Peter Blewett was a guest on Hmong ABC Radio in the fall of 2003.  He came on to address and inform parents of school board duties.  This is a very important topic for many Hmong parents because the majority of them are not aware of what the school board’s purpose is.  This was a great opportunity for Hmong parents to call in and get answers to their questions.  Many questions raised involved problematic situations within the schools, in which parents did not know who to turn to.

Tom Barrett, Mayoral Candidate – Wednesday

Discussing his campaign and Q&A w/listeners

Mayor Tom Barrett was invited and made an appearance on Hmong ABC Radio to seek support from the Hmong community as part of his mayoral campaign.  He addressed issues that concerned Hmong individuals and answered questions on injustice to the Hmong community.

Glenn H. Yamahiro – Thursday

Duties of a Judge.  Milwaukee Court system.

Glenn Yamahiro is the first Asian individual in the state of Wisconsin appointed to be a judge by Governor Jim Doyle.  Mr. Yamahiro came on Hmong ABC radio to talk about the importance of his role and to get support from the Asian community.  He was quite helpful as he answered many questions from callers of the community regarding laws and regulations.

Police Chief Nannette Hagerty – Friday

Making connections with Hmong community

Milwaukee Chief of Police Annette Haggerty was invited on the show to talk to Hmong listeners about the police force.  Many callers called in with questions and concerns about the police department and how it affected them.  Chief Haggerty addressed questions regarding language barriers in terms of making claims and reports.

Senator Russ Feingold – Saturday

Addressing NTR

Senator Russ Feingold made an appearance on Hmong ABC Radio early in February to address and update the Hmong community on Normal Trade Relations (NTR) with Laos.  This is an important issue especially to the Hmong community for we have loved ones located in Laos.  Senator Feingold spoke of basic human rights in terms of treating people with dignity.  Many calls poured in during the show, expressing personal experiences, anger and heart-filled thanks to the Senator himself.

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