About Us

Hmong ABC Radio is committed to bringing accurate and reliable news, information, and special reports that will affect the lives of its listeners in the Hmong community. Our programming includes dialogue or discussion about issues, concerns, and challenges affecting us, our family, the community and the world that we live in; music and entertainment; and public service announcements to keep the community informed.

  • Community Dialogue / Discussion
  • Family
  • Teen issues & challenges
  • Marriage relationships
  • Elderly challenges
  • Health
  • Education
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Public & Governmental
  • Other issues affecting the Hmong people
  • Public Announcements
  • Paid Commercial Advertisements
  • Free Public Service Announcements

We have been broadcasting to the Southeastern Wisconsin Hmong population for the last four years. With over 10 years of experience, we have broadcast to the Hmong community in California, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Hmong ABC Radio is to spread the “Good News”, educate, promote, inform, and give hope to the Hmong community by collaborating with public / governmental agencies, leaders, experts of various professionals, and community agencies to address the needs of the Hmong community in large.
Our vision is to build a sustainable communication base to train individuals who has an interest in the field of media production or radio broadcasting; connect entrepreneurs to community resources that will help them to start a career or business in the industry; and establish a facility to train and educate individuals on the uses, benefits, and opportunities available in the media technology industry.
Objective & Goals
Hmong ABC Radio will increase the number of listeners by 10 percent over the previous year and increase the use of radio as the preferred means of communication with the community. Our goal is to establish a permanent 24-hour radio program in the Hmong language, and to train four individuals by the end of 2005 to pursue an advanced degree, training, or career in the industry.
In order to accomplish our stated objectives and goals, Hmong ABC Radio will employ the following strategies. First, we will increase public awareness by providing local and regional media with success stories from business owners, community members, and professionals in various industries. Secondly, we will establish regular workshops to provide information, education, and training for prospective individuals interested in career in the industry. Next, Hmong ABC Radio will establish strategic alliances with mainstream and minority businesses and community organizations. It is critical that Hmong ABC Radio partners with a number of businesses and community organizations. And finally, we will establish scholarship program(s) for low-income families by partnering with businesses, agencies, and educational institutions.
Hmong ABC Radio will need to develop fund raising activities, public relation events, marketing and promotional campaigns, financial plans, and committees to oversee the project. It is critical that we develop plans for partnering or collaborating with other businesses and organizations, if we are to achieve our objectives and goals. In addition, our plan includes the establishment of a centralized training center for individuals to search and explore careers or opportunities in the industry.